Graduation Gift

Five Great Graduation Gift Ideas for Gals

If you are trying to think of a fantastic graduation gift to get for a special young lady in your life, look no further. The following five ideas should inspire you to give her a gift she will really enjoy.

One: Give the gift of beauty. Most young women really enjoy being pampered and like to look trendy or well-put together as well, but keeping up with a beauty regimen, as any woman knows, can prove quite costly. Your female graduate will surely appreciate a basket of goodies put together that will help her keep her look together. You can include make-up, her favorite fragrance, lotions, etc., but also be sure to include several gift certificates to a local (or close to her new campus or residence if she is moving due to college or other reasons) beauty salon with spa services. This will prove invaluable to her as her year progresses. She can use the certificates to get hair styles, massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, beauty products, etc.

Two: Every young woman needs at least one great business suit for whatever may come along. You can purchase a skirt suit or pant suit, according to her taste. Follow the simple rule of purchasing a clean, classic cut suit that will be timeless. Also make sure the attire is of a really good quality. You can purchase a suit from her favorite designer if it fits those guidelines or you can purchase from a well known designer with a great reputation for both style and quality. Your graduate can use the suit for job interviews, presentations, formal group meetings, etc., and while it might not be a present she would have chosen for herself, it will most likely end up being a present that is very much appreciated, if not immediately, most certainly in her future.

Three: Send her and a couple of her closest friends to Disney. Every young girl has wanted to be a princess at one time or another and they never seem to outgrow the allure of Disney World or Disney Land, no matter how many times they have been before. If your graduate has never been, this is the perfect time to send her. Disney allows the youth in all of us to remain and be celebrated and it is just a neat idea for a great gift. You can find rooms at reasonable rates right on the Disney resort that will shuttle her and her friends back and forth to the parks. You can get all-inclusive packages, that even include food and you can choose which type of park passes you would like (park-hoppers, one-days, etc.). This is a fun and memorable gift.

Four: Sign your graduate up for a professional photo shoot and prepay for a number of prints. Yes, the graduate probably had a number of professional shots taken for Senior pictures and they were probably fantastic and expensive, but they served one purpose, showing the graduate in the year book. This photo trip would be to celebrate becoming an adult and would be the kind of shoot dreams are made of. Go all out and find a studio that gives the whole nine yards, doing makeup, hair and dress. Your graduate will really appreciate the pampering session and love the outcome.

Five: This last suggestion is a very obvious gift that most young women will really appreciate, but it is often overlooked, probably because it is too obvious: Get a gift card or gift certificate for the local mall. This gift will allow her to choose what it is she really wants or needs for her after graduation lifestyle, and it affords her a good reason to head out to the mall.

Choose from one of the above five suggestions for your graduation present and you are sure to have a hit on your hands, and after all, it's been a long journey for her. She's more than worth the time and the expense. To know more, you can also visit site.